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The Ensemble

The MIT Shakespeare Ensemble is a self-sustaining community dedicated to bringing the works of Shakespeare and other playwrights to life. We are a group of students and community members who are committed to forming an open and fun-loving team focused on learning the various aspects of theater. We share a common interest in the idea of the theater ensemble: a group of people who work together on a long-term basis to produce shows.

Everyone is welcome to come learn and explore with us, from first time techies to experienced actors. The Ensemble performs four mainstage shows every year during the fall term, IAP, the spring term, and the summer. Our term shows are usually Shakespearean plays directed by a hired professional director. The IAP and summer shows are usually student-directed, and we often branch out to other playwrights. We also perform Scene Nights (performances of short scenes from any play) and 24 Hour Shows (during which we write and rehearse a show all within 24 hours!) the year. Everything from acting to tech is entirely student-run, creating an excellent atmosphere in which to try your hand at new skills.

How To Join

Interested new members of the Ensemble are invited to participate in our membership activities beyond the mainstage production, which include anything from watching film adaptations of Shakespeare to frisbee games to classes in acting, voice, movement, and Shakespeare's text, as well as in technical theater. New members are encouraged to audition for our shows, attend ensemble classes and/or contact us about technical opportunities for the current show (i.e. stage managing, design, production, set-building, etc.) Just email us and we will be happy to add you our mailing lists or answer any questions you may have.

After one term of full participation in membership activities, new members may become eligible for full membership. Full members receive a variety of benefits, including a say in the plays and directors we choose, preference in cast and crew selection for our fall and spring shows, and having a diverse and vibrant community of theater lovers to learn, work, and have a good time with.