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Measure for Measure
Directed by Francis Norton
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Measure for Measure went on tour!
The Ensemble traveled to Connecticut and performed at Avons Old Farm School. Thank you to the MIT Alumni Club at Hartford for sponsoring us!

Brothels struck down, citizens in economic strife, an absent Duke, and a young man sentenced to death on a mere technicality. This is the state of Vienna after Angelo took control in the Duke's absence. When Isabella, a young aspiring nun, is thrust into the fray to plead for her brother's life, Angelo's demeanor crumbles under his own feelings of lust. He fetishizes her virginity, he fantasizes of dances. He corners Isabella with a threat: surrender her virginity to him, or her brother dies, and that if she should ever accuse him, he will use his title to denounce her. The Duke, under the guise of a friar, exacts a complex plan to expose Angelo, and exploits Isabella and other townswomen to do so.

Duke Vincentio, AngeloRuth Tweedy
ClaudioJohn Bond
IsabellaKatherine Yee
Lucio, FrothNelson Niu
PompeyAlex Evenchik
Juliet, Second GentlemanLainie Beauchemin
Mariana, Mistress, FranciscaAlicia Nimrick
EscalusSarah Knopf
ProvostJude He
Elbow, Friar Peter, Abhorson, First GentlemanMary Dahl
DirectorFrancis Norton
Assistant DirectorBethany Cates
ProducerEryn Gillam
Stage ManagerKacie Bawiec
Scheduling AssistantBethany Cates
Assistant Stage ManagerValerie Chen
Assistant Stage ManagerMontse Garza
Assistant Stage ManagerAlena Culbertson
Co-Technical DirectorMary Dahl
Co-Technical DirectorJames Salamy
Set DesignerJoseph Bonavia
Master CarpenterNelson Niu
Scenic ChargeLulu Russell
DramaturgValerie Chen
Lighting DesignerCollin Fijalkovich
Assistant Lighting DesignerJames Salamy
Master ElectricianAlex Evenchik
Sound DesignerFrancis Norton
Sound EngineerZach Obsniuk
Assistant Sound EngineerLori Won
Video DesignerAlexander Tsao
Costume DesignerTalya Klinger
SeamspersonDiana Renteria
Props DesignerTyler Pleasant
Assistant Props DesignerMelody Tan
Publicity DesignerAnjali Nambrath
Publicity ManagerJohnson Huynh
Co-Hair & Makeup DesignerMaura Hennessey
Co-Hair & Makeup DesignerEleanor Pence
Hair & Makeup Obi-WanGrace Kuffner
Tour CoordinatorAlex Evenchik
Assistant Tour CoordinatorKatherine Yee