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Directed by Susanna Harris Noon
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"Speak of she that loved not wisely but too well..."


Photos courtesy of Eurah Ko

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One of William Shakespeare's greatest tragedies, Othello is a study in contrasts: love and hate, black and white, male and female. Set against the backdrop of a dark, sultry, and gritty world, this production tells the story of a champion female boxer who is also an outcast, censured for committing an all too familiar taboo: choosing to marry a young, white woman of a different class. Othello's jealousy works away at her love to bring her to a point of hate, while Iago's hate for Othello drives him to complex, spiteful, manipulation.

OthelloSamantha Harper
IagoMajdolene Khweis
DesdemonaCharlotte Swasey
EmiliaStephanie Cheng
CassioColin Aitken
Brabantia, CypriotAmelia Smith
RoderigoDeng-Tung Wang
BiancaTal Scully
LodovicoRaine Hasskew
GratianoPhillip Ai
MontanoRobert Thorpe II
Duke of Venice, CypriotKim Dauber
First ThugElizabeth Parizh
Second ThugPeter Duerst
Understudy (Emilia)Noelle Colant
DirectorSusanna Harris Noon
ProducerPriyanka Satpute
Fight ChoreographerEdward Eaton
Technical DirectorShanté Stowell
Stage ManagerRose Robb
Asst. Stage ManagerAlaisha Alexander
Asst. Stage ManagerLaura Eckman
Asst. Stage ManagerKeith Martinez
Set DesignerDelphine Kaiser
Lighting DesignerVictor Gutierrez
Asst. Lighting DesignerJake Gunter
Composer/Sound DesignerNathan Gutierrez
Co-Costume DesignerCharlotte Swasey
Co-Costume DesignerStephanie Cheng
Asst. Costume DesignerJake Gunter
Asst. Costume DesignerRaine Hasskew
Props DesignerElizabeth Parizh
Makeup DesignerPriyanka Satpute
Hair DesignerElizabeth Parizh
Asst. Hair and Makeup DesignerNoelle Colant
Asst. Hair and Makeup DesignerAnnie LaBine
Publicity ManagerDeborah Plana
Publicity DesignerAlison Malouf
Master CarpenterJakob Weisblat
Master ElectricianRaine Hasskew
Master SeamstressLinda Xu
Fight CaptainRaine Hasskew
Asst. Fight CaptainElizabeth Parizh
Scenic PainterLinda Xu