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Timon of Athens
Directed by Alexis Rappaport
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Watch the show

Our virtual screenings were on Saturday, April 10 and Saturday, April 17 over Zoom and YouTube Live.

Timon of Athens is the hottest new reality show in Ancient Greece. The show follows Timon, one of the wealthiest young lords in Athens who's known for his incredible generosity. He loves to lavish his fellow lords with money, presents and parties, truly believing that if he needed something from his followers that they'd step up to support him. Soon enough, Timon's wealth begins to run out and he gets the chance he was waiting for: to find out who in his life are his true friends, and who's just in it for the money. While he focuses on this drama, the city of Athens burns around him, facing political corruption, violent uprisings, and a mysterious new illness ravaging the masses. This Shakespearean satire shows us that issues of political conflict and health inequality have always been a part of the human condition, that being "famous for being famous" was a thing way before the Kardashians, and that while it might be hard to be rich, it's way easier than dealing with the suffering faced by the rest of society.

TimonNelson Niu
ApemantusAlex Evenchik
FlaviusElliott Barnhill
AlcibiadesJoey Noszek
Ventidius, Phyrnia, Titus, PainterNyssa Miller
Lucius, First SenatorHope Fu
Lucullus, TV Host, CaphisAlena Culbertson
Poet, Servilius, StrangerIlani Axelrod-Freed
Flaminius, Second Senator, Philotus, TimandraKiersten Mitzel
Messenger, Varro's ServantLeon Fan
Lucius' Servant, SoldierBrian Chen
DirectorAlexis Rappaport
Co-ProducerAlex Evenchik
Co-ProducerNelson Niu
Co-Stage ManagerKelcey Allen
Co-Stage ManagerLainie Beauchemin
Assistant Stage ManagerEryn Gillam
Assistant Stage ManagerValerie Chen
Lead EditorClio Batali
EditorIshita Bhimavarapu
EditorJuliana Covarrubias
EditorJon Rosario
Lighting ConsultantTom Ostrowski
Set DesignerMaya Levy
Scenic ArtistTara Sarma
Scenic ArtistYu Meng Zhang
Co-ComposerKatherine He
Co-ComposerIshika Shah
Props DesignerMontse Garza
Co-Costume DesignerKat Jimenez
Co-Costume DesignerIlani Axelrod-Freed
Publicity Designer, Co-Publicity ManagerEryn Gillam
Co-Publicity ManagerJan Adlawan
DramaturgValerie Chen
Stage Manager Obi-WanEryn Gillam
DeputyAlena Culbertson
Crew RepMaya Levy